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We offer a wide selection of Australian Made Danish Pastries and Authentic French Croissants.

Our pastries are pre-proofed and pre-glazed, offering you and your operation a conveinient freezer-to-oven ease of preparation, baking throughout the day for maximum freshness. Bake only the amount you need to minimize waste and energy.  


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We craft. You bake. They delight.​

Save time, waste, and energy

Our pastries come pre-proofed and pre-glazed. No preparation required.


Our ready-to-bake products are freezer-to-oven to make preparation easy. You can also bake throughout the day for maximum freshness.

Thaw and serve

Our packaged products are frozen to minus 15-20 degrees immediately after baking, making our Danish and French pastries stay fresh until you refresh them in the oven. 

Australian Made

Our Danishes are proudly made from Australian grown wheat flour​

We Provide Solutions for All Industry Players


Our dedicated bakers combine over a century of experience and knowledge of tradition to develop delicious pastries with superior taste, aroma and structure.


Our bakers and chefs are mastering quality, taste, smell and textures of food and baked goods for over 140 years with help of innovations, trends and insights.


We have a strong and business related focus on sustainability, research and innovation to meet our customers' expectations with high quality products.


The way our products are baked and the responsibility and transparency we require from all our suppliers and partners is very important to us.

Meet Viggo Schulstad

Just like Viggo Schulstad, who founded our brand in Denmark in 1880, we always work with an eye for detail. We embrace the little things. The smile on our loved one’s face. The scent of a freshly baked pastry. Because if you ask us, or any Scandinavian, that’s what makes life tasty. ​

Present globally – adapting locally

It may seem that a small bakery company works better locally. Yet our size and experience as an international bakery group enables us to offer the best local bakery products and services. We've gained knowledge and experience from our activities across different continents, which we can share for your benefit.​

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Gourmet Danish Pastries & Authentic French Croissants

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